Advancing Macro Social Work Practice via Technology (#MacroSW)

In December, 2014, our non-profit organization The Empowerment Project became part of a policy making board in our community. A move that strengthens and solidifies our work addressing the effects of food insecurity on mental health, and the connections of food, financial insecurity subsequent to domestic violence. The Empowerment Project is now a decision making member on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council Expert’s Panel. Our mission is to advocate for policies that build a sustainable, equitable and healthy food system. Goals include enhancing the health of residents of the city and county, strengthen local economy and market opportunities and reducing hunger and food insecurity- good old fashioned Macro social work practice activities. To that end, I am reblogging comments from my personal blog post on WordPress “Textured Conversations”.

Textured Conversations

One of the invaluable resources available to me as I refine and redefine my social work practice has been the Twitter dialogues focusing on elements of macro practice #MacroSW. It’s true, I have abandoned TGIT for the fast paced, information packed and thought provoking commentary of social workers from around the country engaged in critical practice. Indeed, there is a revolution of sorts going on, as social work asserts its’ multi-faceted complexity and reclaims its’ roots via technology. This week, Karen Zgoda (@Karenzgoda) has provided many resources in the link below to engage macro practice discussions for students, and seasoned professionals alike. I’m thrilled to be a part of the #MacroSW Twitterverse, and honored to be part of this team. It’s really wonderful having a new set of friends and allies in this work. Technology, especially when used…

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